GUIDE AND MENTORSHIP OFFERINGS are customarily a Gentle prescheduled up to 60 minute online or in person meeting.

A very gentle meeting, discussion and speaking discovery space is arranged with or without Expression with Arts as a medium available to support you. The space is for anything you choose to bring into the session.You are not even required to know what to bring on any given day. Discovery and Support will still unfold.

Your own authenticity and truth have support now.

(Please Note there are no refunds on canceled sessions or prepaid series session packages)


With that being said my recommendation and preference is to meet regularly and consistently. I offer prepaid session packages and you can email me for pricing. Four, Eight or Twelve prepaid sessions are a great self commitment to receive sustainable supportive resource. I am not only an Artisan of these offerings  (One skilled in art, mystery or trade) but also an artisan of Indigenous Hide Drums and Rattles for your personal, family and community Well-being.

PAYMENTS - are received through VENMO!

My VENMO account is @JamesMendoza_Wolf 

(email directly me for session pricing)

*If you are Interested In Keeping Up To Date On My Group Expression Art Support Circles Held In Encinitas At Indigo Dragon Center Then Please Email and Say... "I'D LIKE TO RECEIVE UPDATES ON THE EXPRESSION ARTS SUPPORT CIRCLE!"

These Expressive Arts Circles Also Involve Making Drums and Rattles With Me!

HEARTBEATS - For the Wellness Of Self. For The Wellness Of All.

The HEARTBEAT - THE DRUM In the womb we sense the heartbeat. Its steady and pulsating energetic consciousness to us. It creates a space to dwell in rhythm with our whole world. Our mothers as we are inside their bellies are resourcing us with life. She is what makes up our whole world and her heartbeat signals her support and life. What is in her heartbeat we receive. It is my intention as an artisan and guide from the heart to put into the hands and hearts of as many people possible I can both my craft and this opportunity. To return to the heart with these beautiful handmade one of a kind instruments that can be used and then passed onto generations to come.

The drum and rattle are percussion instruments and in the lineages I come from are an instrument for so much more. They're instruments of ceremony, personal and community medicine. They're instruments of healing. Instruments of creation and instruments of regulation to our nervous systems and hearts. Numerous studies have been conducted to observe their effect on our human experience. So much more than words can describe is the unfolding. It is my wish everyone possible be resourced with at least one drum or rattle in their personal being. To utilize to bring regulation to themselves and others in their homes and communities. To have and utilize for personal sacred time in their own spirits and community spirits with love and compassion. To observe what arises within. Is it love that arises or is it whatever is in the way of love that needs our love...?

Email me your inquiry today. For anyone who would welcome the resource of a beautifully handcrafted drum or rattle for their own being, family and or community.

We can birth it with the intention you wish to hold for it. Pricing + shipping will depend on size of drum.

(The benefits and uses of the Hide Drum and/or Medicine -Prayer Drum) The Drum has been used throughout indigenous, shamanic, spirit guide and animistic cultures as a tool to alter consciousness or enter a trance state for thousands of years. Shamans, healers, sages and medicine men, or women, enter into a trance state to travel to different realms, aid in healing, explore the inner world and psyche, retrieve lost connections of souls and increase self awareness. The gentle yet powerful tool of the shamanic/medicine drum can help you gain much in the way of insight. It is also a powerful Spirit for Prayer through song. This ancient yet simple tool has also aided in self exploration and healing for thousands of years. It is very effective and proven to benefit in tremendous ways. The drum is a tool that acts as a concentration device, and it helps to block out any external stimuli that might cause distraction. There are research studies which have demonstrated that 15 minutes of drumming can help lower cortisol (a stress response hormone) levels in the body. The study also pointed out that participants experienced a decrease in heart-rate, a feeling of heaviness, and also experienced a dream-like state from shamanic drumming. Medicine Drumming is an effective technique for lowering stress and achieving relaxation. Drumming, coupled with techniques such as fasting, chanting and dancing can stimulate the release of endogenous opioids, which can stimulate the immune system, produce feelings of euphoria, and increase your tolerance to stress. Have a drum built just for you today by James, and reap the benefits of this ancient and powerful tool.

I look forward to our time in the Now moment.

James Wolf - Mendoza


SEND YOUR EMAILS for questions, working together, And Scheduling requests TO: WOLFSPIRITLOVE@OUTLOOK.COM

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