My name is James Wolf

I Facilitate a Gentle, Supportive and Curious Space for the many experiences of life.

Challenge to Illness to Joy and Peace.

I support community.

Personal + Group Support

Through Art and or Gentle Discussion Spaces

Designed For Sustained Active Wellness

For the wellness of Self.

For the wellness of All.

I am a Guide + Artisan

WOLFSPIRITLOVE was born when I awoke to and reclaimed my Indigenous ancestry.

WOLFSPIRITLOVE has been an unfolding and to date I have never loved my work in service more.

I am a descendant of the Purepecha Indigenous people. For me, there are also other Indigenous ancestral tribal links of this beautiful continent.

 After self service, self care, and self love.

You My Human family and Community of Earth-kind all over the world come next.

As Indigenous people we are and have been for time immemorial The First Peoples of this continent The Americas. The heart centered who love knowledge. Misrepresented and Portrayed as something we are not through the damaging ocurrences of colonialism. We the Indigenous are these lands, and are of these lands, and our truth is we are not separate but all of us connected. Every human has an Indigenous ancestry that is an opportunity to reclaim world wide. This American continent where lakes meet the mountains and the mountains touch the sky. The rivers flow into the ocean. The forests, deserts and islands provide and all come together lit by the sun, the moon and the stars is my Home to reclaim. We the Indigenous of Turtle Island built our homes of Earth, stone, wood, plants and hides. We migrated like the geese and the orca and shared responsibility with all living beings whom are our family. We lived as Inter-beings from the start and still do our best to do so amidst the ongoing challenges that face our Indigenous Kin. Service is one of the grandest parts of this life responsibility I am honored to provide.

Through My Service To You - With You...

We CAN improve our relationships within and embrace our natural state of being.


I invite you to Sit in session with me.

I Have Committed And Dedicated My Life To Wellness, Health, Art, Love, Holism.

To These Lands And Waters..

And To grounding Into Our Humanity.

My Offerings As Guide, Artisan And Mentor Are Here To Serve.

Lets Begin In Service And Support Of You.

  I have had the pleasure of living through an array of specialized trainings and experiences.

They have included deep knowledge of Developmental Stages of Awareness of the mind through belief, Parts Work trainings, Journey work experience, and Medical Mediumship training. Mentorships from Elders and Guides from my own deep and rich indigenous family filled with curanderos, curanderas, medicine men and women. Plus the experience of a very unique life among it all which developed me into the natural Guide, Artisan and Mentor I am.



Peace will come to the hearts of men when they realize their oneness with the universe... it is everywhere." -Black Elk

"I salute the light within your eyes where the whole world dwells. For when you are at that center within you, and I am at that place within me, we shall be one." -Crazy Horse

James Wolf



"Working with him is one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself. From the moment I met him, I could feel shifts occuring in my body and psyche just from his deeply aligned and loving presence. From there, I have found our session work to be simply mind blowing, I had been on my journey healing and connecting with my inner child for some time, and the rapid growth I have experienced after only three sessions with him is remarkable. During our sessions I feel so held and deeply seen with so much love, His ability to see clearly the root of a situation, guide me gently to that part of my psyche, and prompt me to offer it exactly what it needs has helped me to become aware of and integrate parts of myself  that were exiled for so long. We have been working to integrate challenging and limiting parts of myself  such as my inner bully and my anxious attachment inner child. I feel like I am becoming my true self with this work and his guidance. I could not recommend working with Wolf more highly."

- Jordan Bergeron

"Wolf is one of the most important sages of our time. If we are to shift and come together as inter-beings, we need this exact work. How can I express it in words? He takes me on journeys to the core parts of myself I didn't even know were in conflict and helps them get along. If we don't reconcile our inner selves, how can we have healthy relationships?
He has done much more than this for me. Wolf led me to activate my own intuitive guide, which was right there for me the whole time and something I really needed at that point in my life. He speaks to me so respectfully, authentically, and gently. I can't tell if he -is- me, a voice inside myself speaking as a peacemaker and intricately compassionate one. I consider it Great Karma to have his spirit do its job within me. Having sessions with him feels like the Real Work toward living in true harmony with the whole of existence."

Greatest Health,
Paul Johnson
Herbalist, LMT, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

"I am very impressed with James as a teacher, guide, and mentor. He has shown me how to nurture all aspects of my inner self in ways I didn't know were possible. His method involves an approach that is loving and respectful, void of judgement. James is an incredible aware multidimensional being who has a deep knowledge of the shadow and light. He has guided me to help understand the process of  connecting using my boundaries and needs as sponsors. Throughout our sessions I have been drawn to experience my extrasensory gifts with his own personal experience as tools for his teaching. I would highly recommend James for anyone looking to reconnect with their personal truth and rekindle a healthy relationship with their selves and others. I am touched by his contagious and unconditional love."

- Jasper Ohlson

"Hereby my testimonial, It makes me cry... what an immense wisdom you have, and have given me, I am forever grateful for our journey together ❤

My journey with James has been most amazing and life changing.  When we started 4 months ago I was in a dark and confused space. Everything in my life was telling me that I had to change something and I knew I needed a strong guide to help me see what was happening. James has been my beacon in these difficult times. He made me feel safe and looked after. After every session I was mind blown by his deep understanding of what I was going through, by his wisdom, and his unconditional love for me and for the process. I have learned so much, and whenever I am reading through my notes I am reminded of the beauty of the journey of life and I am so grateful for wise men like James to shine their lights on us. I feel excited and empowered again to take my journey to another level.

Thank you James.

Much love,


- Nynke Hoekstra​, Spirit Life Coach

"James is one of the most willing and gentle souls to consistently be led by his heart. His capacity for authenticity with others and connection with nature humbles me. Whenever I spend time with James I know I will be learning something, about the world, about the interconnectedness of the universe, about gentleness, and about my own perspective. James teaches me how to give myself permission to meet my own needs and to consider what those needs are and to know they are significant. I see proof of inner power through consistently nurturing one’s alignment by watching the way he interacts with himself and others. James represents all that resonates with me as divine masculine. He is soft and gentle, kind and loving, is able to hold presence with a strength that isn’t threatening, and has a very special way of making whoever he is with feel immensely safe and protected. I personally highly recommend James to anyone who resonates with authenticity and would like to learn more about connecting to themselves and our precious earth."

- Margie Rasmussen, Empowerment guide

"I am very grateful for James being in my life.  James has a warm, open, vulnerable and soothing nature which is so refreshing. I felt very comfortable and vulnerable in our session together.  I had a little hesitation going into a session as I wasn't sure how it would all go but after our session together I felt cleansed and just a sense of being free. 

I highly recommend James to those who want to release the struggles, confusion and pain from their past and childhood. It was very enlightening for me as I can really see where my struggles and challenges have been and also that I could heal those with going inside of me and being completely vulnerable. Thank you James for creating a safe space for me to completely be open and willing to heal myself with your love and patience. I know I will see you again and I have already highly recommended you to many others." 

-Kim Melia, Founder of workplaylove an orphanage in Guatemala.

"An amazingly  gifted and profound being. You will love him too!"

- Pamela Aaralyn, Spiritual Alchemist

For The Wellness Of Self. For The Wellness Of All.