Offerings Include:

The Completion Process, A Four or Eight Series Self Commitment, Energetic Evaluations, Connection Exercises, Individual Spirit Sessions, Channeling, Detrimental Energy Removal through Awareness and Being Purification, Nature Algorithm Sessions, Drum Medicine Work and Metaphysical Journeying, Medical Mediumship, Dream Interpretations, Extrasensory and Clair Ability Mentorship Training.

*The "Induction to Spirit" Session ($211)

This is where we begin...

These sessions give rise to what is being called to be unblocked, empowered, integrated, transmuted, and Alchemized. It is the beginning of a journey from a fear sponsored energy to a love sponsored one. These sessions require up to 60 minutes. My Metaphysical gifts present exist to guide you and empower you to your own integration of highest self.  As a Sage and Intermediary or Shikuami, which is the word for shaman, medicine man, or curandero in one of my indigenous tribal languages, (purepecha language) alchemy blends with ancestral knowing and extrasensory gifts to affect all bodies of existence. We all have five bodies of existence. Mental, Emotional, Physical, Astral and Etheric. They all exist for us to experience our highest self. No two sessions are alike. The abundance and wide array of modalities and energies I utilize are specific to the needs of the individual and are at my disposal due to my extreme comittment to life as a Sage, Intermediary, and Metaphysical Energy Worker. ALso due to my focused Comittment to my own Energy, Self Awareness and Highest Life experience of Expansion. Its not always pretty but with Source energy and the Spirits of Compassion and Love as allies and family we will enter into these Sessions for discovery. Grab a notebook and be ready! They are Strong purposeful times of Spirit Work, physical and metaphysical medicine where I am being gifted with so many messages for you. If you are experiencing an energy within you asking for love and a new core belief system, want way more self awareness and an alchemizing, transmutation and unblocking of detriment... Please Reach out and Schedule your Session Today.

Let's Go Within.

*A Gift to me of Organic Tobacco or a natural Bees Wax Candle is a strong energetic exchange to include as an Offering prior to Sessions for James, and recommended. It's a tradition amongst many native people. We use this for our work together and it keeps m supplied to continue serving and honoring tradition*

"The Induction to Spirit" is required for A First Session... Individual or Series work is what I recommend after this first Session.

Continued PrePayed Offerings from James:

*The Eight Series* ($2222)

*The Four Series* ($1111)

The Four or Eight Series allows you to go extremely deep into the commitment of self awareness and discovery with Metaphysical guidance by James (Irate)  It is a Four or Eight session commitment you may choose to the Self. The time in each individual session will be up to 60 minutes. It is a prepay commitment and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Expect life Change and be prepared to take notes for you to remember where to focus when away from sessions.

*The Completion Process - A Trauma Integration Technique ( $211)

For those whom are feeling a call to reach and heal your trauma and return your fragmented pieces of self stuck in time, I am a Certified Completion Process Practitioner.

Here is a lovely description for you of the Completion Process in which My personal flavor uses a Shamanic way of delivery and methodology, to facilitate this most amazing process created by my Solar Sistar and Teacher Teal Swan.

(Description) "Few of us have lived through the kind of suffering Teal Swan endured: 13 years of ritual abuse at the hands of a cult. But all of us have been fractured by trauma in one way or another. Your wounds may be visible as bodily scars; or they may show up in the form of anxiety, depression, or PTSD; or you may simply be struggling in your life for reasons you don’t simply understand. The good news is that you can heal your wounds. The Completion Process invites you on a profound journey of self-exploration and self-restoration to reclaim the lost parts of you and return to a joyous life, no longer inhibited by the past or terrified of the future. Drawing on her wide range of extrasensory abilities, including clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, Teal offers a revolutionary 18-step process for healing any past hurt or present problem. Learn how to:Create a haven in your mind where it’s safe to re-enter a difficult memory. Validate painful emotions. Let your feelings shift naturally toward relief. Close the memory of trauma and begin a “new life” This is not only healing work; it’s also the work of enlightenment. It will leave you with a stronger sense of value and hope in the world, and the assurance that life can be good again."

* All Offerings must be PrePayed to schedule on the calendar. A cancellation of Offerings must be 24 hours prior to and 50% can be refunded for cancellations. Rescheduling is available with adequate notice... BUT BE EXTREMELY AWARE James is in Extreme High Demand!*



Teal Swan and I at my Completion Process Training in Utah.


*Individual Spirit Sessions ($288 per hour)

These are Energy Specific to the need of what is arisen in the now moment. No two Individual Spirit Sessions are alike and each will require different Energy and Focus.

*Nature Algorithm Alignment, Drum Journey Sessions, Channeling, Medical Medium Readings, Divination, Metaphysical and Physical Alchemy of Fear Sponsored Energies, Dream Interpretations, Extrasensory & Clair Ability Discovery. Detrimental Energy Removal and Being Purification, Metaphysical Medicine Mentorship.

Discover the gift of presence, alignment, and oneness with the elements and all beings in a Natural Algorithm Session. Travel within through a Drum Medicine Journey or unblocking. Practice connection exercises and Parts work to discover more about yourself and the inter-connectedness of us all. Receive an Energy Center Medical Medium Reading. Get Channeled Messages and Readings of Energy.

*Online Dream Interpretations ($211)

Discover what your subconcious is communicating, processing and revealing to you with a Dream Interpretation Session! Reveal the consciousness and spirit of the visions your dreams have been materializing. These sessions are roughly 30 minutes long and have potent and powerful information.

Commit to Mentorship with a Series!


James is also a Medicine/Prayer Drum and Rattle Craftsmen! ($400-$550 + shipping depending on size of drum, $88-*Individual Spirit Sessions$111 for Rattles)

** Have a Drum or Rattle Made for you for your Spiritual practice, ritual, and commitment! ***

(The benefits and uses of the Shamanic Drum or Medicine/Prayer Drum)

The Drum has been used throughout indigenous, shamanic, spirit guide and animistic cultures as a tool to alter consciousness or enter a trance state for thousands of years. Shamans, healers, sages and medicine men, or women, enter into a trance state to travel to different realms, aid in healing, explore the inner world and psyche, retrieve lost connections of souls and increase self awareness. The gentle yet powerful tool of the shamanic/medicine drum can help you gain much in the way of insight. It is also a powerful Spirit for Prayer through song. This ancient  yet simple tool has also aided in self exploration and healing for thousands of years. It is very effective and proven to benefit in tremendous ways. The drum is a tool that acts as a concentration device, and it helps to block out any external stimuli that might cause distraction. There are research studies which have demonstrated that 15 minutes of drumming can help lower cortisol (a stress response hormone) levels in the body.  The study also pointed out that participants experienced a decrease in heart-rate, a feeling of heaviness, and also experienced a dream-like state from shamanic drumming. Medicine Drumming is an effective technique for lowering stress and achieving relaxation.  Drumming, coupled with techniques such as fasting, chanting and dancing can stimulate the release of endogenous opioids, which can stimulate the immune system, produce feelings of euphoria, and increase your tolerance to stress. Have a drum built just for you today by James, and reap the benefits of this ancient and powerful tool.


 *The Rattle 

*When you choose an "Induction to Spirit" session

Please send James an email with a current photo, your location, and an explanation of what brought you to Wolf Spirit Love...

I look forward to our time in the Now moment.


Wolf Medicine

Irawe Kumukemai Uruyare

(this is my name in my tribal tongue of my Wirarika heritage. Irawe means Wolf and my full name in the english language would be Two Wolves with Arrows)


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