As I move about this plane of awareness, I live my purpose and exist with the dna of both the Wirarika and the Purepecha tribes of turtle island... or what is now referred to as the Americas. The Wirarika/Wixaritari or Huichol are Indigenous first peoples of this sacred land of turtle island and are still living their Metaphysical Medicine way of life in the Sierra-Madre Occidental range. The Purepecha are a mystical warrior tribe of indigenous peoples from Cheran and Patzcuaro.

I am a multidimensional being and a spirit-activator. A Sage and Intermediary (Shaman is a word to use as context for description but is not how I refer to myself because this word belongs to the Tungus tribe of Siberia) ...and I work heavily with unblocking detrimental energy. I live and breathe for this extremely important purpose. I have committed my life to it and my gifts are here to serve YOU, the collective.

    Drum-medicine journeys, Extra-Sensory Psychic Gifts, Channeling, Metaphysical Awareness and Guidance.  Specialized training and certification including *The Completion Process, Parts Work, and *Medical Mediumship.

* ( A medical medium is an alternative medicine practitioner whom uses intuitive abilities to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition. Other terms for such a person include medical clairvoyant, medical psychic or intuitive counselor.I was trained in this under Aura Reader, Clear Channel, Cherokee descendant and initiated Shaman, Pamela Aaralyn)

*(The Completion Process - I was personally trained by Teal Swan in this extremely powerful trauma integration technique that she developed. Teal Swan is known as a world renowned - spiritual catalyst and extra sensory teacher)

   My being came with abilities to see through the streams, pierce the veil of third dimension, and bend this physical plane of existence to reveal blockages and traumas stuck in time. My gifts and service are here and available for you through my session work. I work also with an extremely strong connection to source flow energy, the akashic records, and high sense perception as an extrasensory (clair audience, clair sentience, clair cognizance, clair voyance, clair tangency, clair salience, clair gustance, and clair empathy) which allows me to see, feel, hear, know, smell and even taste the subtle body energies. I travel deep within the soul and locate areas where spirit is calling you to come back into alignment.

Ninety-five percent of our life is created by the subconscious that was programmed in theta (womb to 8 yrs of age) and is responsible for the life you live, the thoughts you think, and the manner on which you make decisions.  

   Surely you have noticed what and where fear based living has taken you on a singular level, and all of us, on a collective level as a species. With only 5% of your life created by conscious thinking we must affect the subconscious to truly live a different life.

If you are desiring to change stagnant energy, integrate blockages of being, evolving, and awakening a self to sponsor your manifestations of life with the energy of love, all while truly alchemizing the energy that fear created deep within you, then perhaps it is time to travel within and reprogram what no longer serves you. I guide and facilitate this most important work daily. I am an extremely loving and present guide into the shadows. With the purpose of going through them, alchemizing them, and integrating you into your highest version of self possible. I look forward to traveling with you to the core of what you truly are, challenging your programmed belief systems of detriment and transmuting them to beneficial ones, so that you may love your life, love yourself, and live your purpose sponsored by love. An existence available to us all.

"Peace will come to the hearts of people when they realize their oneness with the universe... it is everywhere." -Black Elk

"I salute the light within your eyes where the whole world dwells. For when you are at that center within you, and I am at that place within me, we shall be one." -Crazy Horse

"I Love You, I Am You! Lets Integrate!"






"Hereby my testimonial, It makes me cry... what an immense wisdom you have, and have given me, I am forever grateful for our journey together ❤

My journey with James has been most amazing and life changing.  When we started 4 months ago I was in a dark and confused space. Everything in my life was telling me that I had to change something and I knew I needed a strong guide to help me see what was happening. James has been my beacon in these difficult times. He made me feel safe and looked after. After every session I was mind blown by his deep understanding of what I was going through, by his wisdom, and his unconditional love for me and for the process. I have learned so much, and whenever I am reading through my notes I am reminded of the beauty of the journey of life and I am so grateful for wise men like James to shine their lights on us. I feel excited and empowered again to take my journey to another level.

Thank you James.

Much love,


- Nynke Hoekstra​, Spirit Life Coach

"James is one of the most willing and gentle souls to consistently be led by his heart. His capacity for authenticity with others and connection with nature humbles me. Whenever I spend time with James I know I will be learning something, about the world, about the interconnectedness of the universe, about gentleness, and about my own perspective. James teaches me how to give myself permission to meet my own needs and to consider what those needs are and to know they are significant. I see proof of inner power through consistently nurturing one’s alignment by watching the way he interacts with himself and others. James represents all that resonates with me as divine masculine. He is soft and gentle, kind and loving, is able to hold presence with a strength that isn’t threatening, and has a very special way of making whoever he is with feel immensely safe and protected. I personally highly recommend James to anyone who resonates with authenticity and would like to learn more about connecting to themselves and our precious earth."

- Margie Rasmussen, Empowerment guide and Certified CP Practitioner

"An amazingly  gifted and profound being. You will love him too!"

- Pamela Aaralyn, Spiritual Alchemist

"I am very grateful for James being in my life.  James has a warm, open, vulnerable and soothing nature which is so refreshing. I felt very comfortable and vulnerable in our session together.  I had a little hesitation going into a session as I wasn't sure how it would all go but after our session together I felt cleansed and just a sense of being free. 

I highly recommend James to those who want to release the struggles, confusion and pain from their past and childhood.It was very enlightening for me as I can really see where my struggles and challenges have been and also that I could heal those with going inside of me and being completely vulnerable. Thank you James for creating a safe space for me to completely be open and willing to heal myself with your love and patience. I know I will see you again and I have already highly recommended you to many others." 

-Kim Melia, Founder of workplaylove an orphanage in Guatemala.

" He helped me find strength and courage during a difficult transition and sent me a very special tool for protection and guidance. He's the real deal, guys. I highly recommend him."

- Lily Marino, intuitive and sound, color, light artist.

Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit